Mycotherapy Online

Mycotherapy Online is in the process of being set-up by Martin Powell, biochemist, herbalist, author and lecturer to provide healthcare practitioners with access to the latest research and clinical experience on the therapeutic use of medicinal mushrooms.

Martin has been lecturing on medicinal mushrooms for the last 15 years and is the author of Medicinal Mushrooms – A Clinical Guide (Pub. 2010 – 2nd edition 2014) and Medicinal Mushrooms – The Essential Guide (Pub. 2013).

Having seen his mother die from complications of the treatment she was receiving for cancer and frustrated at the proliferation of claims for the mushrooms and mushroom products based on scant evidence or evidence of little clinical relevance, often from in-vitro (laboratory-based) research or different product types or dosages, he now specializes in researching and supporting healthcare practitioners in the use of medicinal mushrooms.

Individual questions, as well as feedback and suggestions for ways in which the website can be improved can be sent to Martin at: