Can those with candidiasis or other fungal conditions eat mushrooms?


The common myth that eating mushrooms will in some way facilitate the growth of candida or other fungal conditions is unsupported by clinical experience or research evidence.

Not only are mushrooms very low in the sugars that are considered by some to promote candidal growth but they also strengthen the body’s immune response to all fungi and in some cases contain compounds with direct anti-fungal activity (see the post on Candidiasis for a more detailed discussion).

Although some mushrooms, such as Tremella fuciformis – Bai Mu Er, are considered to nourish Yin energy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), none of them are considered to increase pathogenic Damp. Indeed for two of them (Polyporus umbellatus – Zhu Ling and Poria cocos – Fu Ling) the main use in TCM is as diuretics to Drain Damp and clinically mushrooms can be very beneficial in fungal conditions.

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