In a trial using Coriolus versicolor biomass (3g/day) 9 of 10 women with high risk strains of HPV had cleared them after 1 year, while only 1 of 12 women in a control group had. Also 13 of 18 patients still showed normal cervical cytology after 1 year compared to 10 of 21 in the control group1.

Supplementation with FVe, a protein from Flammulina velutipes significantly enhanced the anti-tumor protection given by vaccination against HPV-16 with percentage of vaccinated mice remaining tumor free 167 days after challenge with tumor cells increasing from 20% to 60%2.

1. Coriolus versicolor supplementation in HPV patients. Dr. Jose Silva Couto and Dr. Daniel Pereira da Silva. 20th European Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. March 7th, 2008.
2. Coadministration of the fungal immunomodulatory protein FIP-Fve and a tumour-associated antigen enhanced antitumour immunity. Ding Y, Seow S.V, Huang C.H, Liew L.M, Lim Y.C, Kuo I.C, Chua K.Y. Immunology. 2009;128(1Suppl):e881-94.

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